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《Flipped》film review The film's beautiful, not only lies in the pure love, but that touches people from two babe, with transparent clear vision, the boys and girls experience growth story, we find a good, green life touched, and those who are we scattered square simple. The boy with his family moved to the new house, a piece of blue eyes let ignorant girl love at first sight, then two people of the same class, walk through together in the future primary school life; The girl to boy during the rigid like to give the boy a lot of trouble, but the girls but enjoy it. The girl's fine mood always mawkish misread the boy's tactful brush-off, thought it was the boy late shy performance; Until two people to junior high school, girls gradually mature, through their beloved firmiana were cut, but can't get the boy's help, A boy of indifference despise, throw away the girl brought good eggs; And the boy to his uncle mentally disabled public ridicule! The girl seems to be know, dad when she was young once said to her one: a beautiful picture is not only by some simple parts, you should see the whole! She seems to think the boy is no longer like before, to oneself with irresistible attraction! Is also a with generality, local beauty in whole, gold flocculated outside its apple of sodom superficial boy! While standing at the boy's point of view, from the girl with attachment antipathy to the enlightenment from grandpa increasingly appreciate the girl like rainbow a beautiful mind, the boy can catch so nice kind, distinctive she. He needs to do is not only a perfunctory apology, a long-awaited first kiss can to capture the girl's heart, he needs to do is to abandon long be stubborn extreme father infusion worldly prejudice, completely open your heart, and thoroughly understand the girl, and the girl soul dwelling. After watching the movie biggest wish is to have a big firmiana, beyond the scenery, listening to the leaves dancing and wind..., appreciate every morning and evening sky changeable cloud... ... So sit quietly on the trunk, plaint in nature's magic. Let your imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style wanton gallop, away from all the burden, to a free and comfortable the spiritual journey. The feeling is different people look at problems from the point of view of is different also, maybe we in the treatment to the people and things around should be tolerant some optimistic some, after all, we don't see story behind them. Julie a good let I was deeply touched, Julie dad retarded brother's love and pay, for children interested in tolerance and encouragement, Julie respect to life and love, although they lived in poverty but their spiritual world is rich. And their neighbors form bright contrast, blaise's father always to Julie a sniff, contempt and apathy is he treats Julie a consistent emotional, because he had felt the Julie's father as unsuccessful man, put the family and poverty, sloppy relates in together.

The most sorrow is adult world is complicated, and they will suffer from life, work, family and so on the different aspects of the pressure and challenges, will be affected by a lot of temptations, if not a firm heart, after the failure in strike and to have their own questions especially to see other people succeed and lack of nothing will change when faith lost love of life become selfish indifference. Their heart is fame and wealth or so, and the pursuit of high quality of life, but the pursuit of is what? Self-righteous management with family, to one's elders don't respect for children don't care, family life is a mess, sitting at the afternoon sun drinking coffee at proper pruning of the courtyard is the heart really feel peace and happiness, or make a representation to flaunt his success. No matter how attractive appearance, the heart has been a bit down decay. The film impressed me most is a story, is a girl of Chinese parasol tree love! An accidental opportunity, the girl climbing on the tree full of vigour, solid and stable, but seemingly ordinary trees; the upward, eyes hidden but beautiful spot of graceful scenery in front of girls began; their exposure to look plain top, can enjoy life magnificent, with far-reaching; it is a kind of beauty to let person stifle the landscape, is the life of an insignificant beyond our reach great! The breeze blowing, blowing girl charming cheeks, she alone enjoy the natural changes with vigour and vitality, see be raging like a storm, enjoy the sunrise sunset! Remember a magnificent words, this time to do a more suitable than footnote: " everything is just a show, all for the string vibration, each grain of notes as praise it exists! Some people shallow, some people stupid, some magnificent but we polish eyes up looking for, to feel awesome heartstrings moment stunning! The center bottom has by nature boy finally found near the whole piece of beautiful scenery, this time he won't to pay no heed, to brush past, no longer hesitated turned; this time he may in the girl's heart for life on the Indus, together with the feelings of the vast expansion of life!

第二篇、Report to film(《怦然心动》观后感)


Report to film“Flipped”

In my mind, this is an insipid movie in a little Japanese style. I like its lambent frames and fresh music. Just like the girl had seen the scenery on the tree for the first time, I flipped when I had got through the whole film.

It is a fairy for both adults and children, which told a story about puppy love happened between a young boy and a cute girl, containing some pains, thinks, self-esteem and mildness.

There is nothing exiting or rebellious to attract people‟s eyes. The two young persons——or we may call them children more exactly——opened their hearts and let us in by giving a touching monologue, which was a sweet spring, flowing into our souls and make the aftertaste mellow.

I have heard that many people said “It reminds me of my boyfriend (or girlfriend) in my high school” after enjoying this movie. And I think that is very good for themselves, which has proved that they had such a beautiful thing that can enrich their lives staying in their memory of youth excepting for the study work at least.

Maybe all of us should experience such a relationship to help us establish a sane sexual identity.

Girls are always more mature than boys in their ages, many people take it as a kind of regret, for I didn‟t like you when you loved me and

when I began to love you, you had decided to leave, we missed each other.

But I don‟t think so. The love from youth usually died without a sickness. In this movie, the two children had finally made up, however, no one can make a conclusion for them.

The result is not always important. What is important is that we have ever admired the shining points of each other, and when we decided where the relationship should go, we start growing up.

Then, I „d like to use the grandfather‟s words to make an ending: some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.



A Special Girl Deserves A Beautiful Love

After watching Flipped, i was totally moved by its romantic plot. The heroine, Juli Baker, who is regarded as a strange student in the school, did leave a strong impression in my heart. What i want to say after watching it is that a special girl deserves a beautiful love. Juli is the one i admire so much.

Juli Baker met Bryce Loski in her second grade, and she was flipped from then on because of his watermelon-scented hair and a pair of dazzling eyes. Though Bryce shew no interest in her and did everything he could to keep away from her, she never gave up and spent the whole year怦然心动感想

wondering if she could ever get his kiss. When they were in seventh grade, Juli fell in love with a large, old sycamore tree, which no one understood. Right after seeing the tree being cut down but Bryce didn’t help, and seeing him throwing the eggs she gave him, Juli began to think about whether Bryce was the right person. Fortunately, Bryce finally found that Juli was so precious a girl, and the ending was happiness.

There are two impressive scenes that i eagerly want to share. First of all is the scene that Juli sits on the large, old sycamore tree which let her see the world in a much more enlightened way. She can stay on the tree quietly for a whole day, looking at the marvelous world with curiosity. She loves nature, and is willing to protect it at the risk of her “reputation” among the schoolmates. From my perspective, she is an invaluable gift compared to her schoolmates. She never follows fashion blindly, instead, she exactly knows what she wants. Ask ourselves, when the whole world call you “nerd”or “freak”, are you dare to turn a blind eye to these rumors? Do you still have courage to follow your heart?

Moreover, it was the sweet smile Juli gave to her uncle that made me moved again. She never blames her mentally challenged uncle, on the contrary, she chose to celebrate the birthday for him. When her uncle lost control in the public, she didn’t feel ashamed. Mature as she is, she shoulders the responsibility of her family. What’s more, she clearly knows the importance of tolerance and love.

No wonder that Chet, Bryce’s grandfather, says that Juli is a rare kind of girl who's hard to come across. And it is no wonder that this special girl can finally find her soul mate and harvest her sweetest first love.





Because of a friend’s strong recommendation,《flipped》is a movie I wanted to watch a long time ago.Then till the vacation,I finally had the chance to enjoy it.

It’s a story showed from the perspective of two people watching the same issue.A little girl and a little boy met at their second grade.The girl fell in love with her newly moved neighbour because of his dazzling eyes.But the boy was always mad at the girl because of her bored broadcast about every morning’s school bus,her family’s yard was always in a mess and her ugly sycamore tree. Then the girl realized that the boy wasn’t the kind of person who is more than the sum of his parts.However,the boy gradually began to find the


Little Julie has many virtues which impress me.First,she adhered to herself.She loved the sycamore tree in their block.Because she could sit at the braches for hours and amazed by the view.When someone wanted to cut the sycamore tree down,she sat there bravely to protect it.She didn’t care about others’ incomprehension and ridicule.Second,she showed sympathy for the weak.She loved her uncle,although he had a severe handicap.And she bid for the Basketboy number 8 at Mayfield Boosters Club Action because no one bid for the boy.Last but not least,she had a merits of the girl,such as

strong feeling of self-respect on her own.She had the ability to rationally judge whether Bryce is worth to love.

Two families with two children in this film,we can also see people with different personalities.When you were young,you may have a lot of things confused.In such a stage a mentor or a guide is a very important thing.Bryce is lucky,he had a grandfather in life to tell him who he is and he should become a kind and honest person.Just as the dialogue says,”Some of us get dipped in flat,some in satin,some in gloss.But every once in a while,you find someone who’s iridescent.”Julie is also very lucky.She had a family to give her the right values.

At the end of the film,with the beautiful song<let it be me>sang by The Everly Brothers,the two hands overlapped together.





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品放在随手可及的位置,导致屋子里到处都是小物件凌乱不忍直视,而我真正要找一个小东西的时候,常常想不起来它放在哪儿,翻箱倒柜疲惫不堪。其实每个人的小家不过一两百平米之内,按'移动线'摆放物品根本毫无必要,不但浪费空间,而且容易造成家里的凌乱,需要的时候再去找花费的时间常几倍于放在特定位置所花的时间,因为将物品按类别固定位置摆放后,每次的取用不过在二十米之类的移动,三十秒之内完成。 最后是纪念品的整理。这一部分最难,因为每一个小件都伴随着特定的记忆和感情。比如我还保留着高中时期朋友寄给我的贺卡、书信、生日礼物等等,各个时期的照片等。我把纪念品扔了,那些落灰的毛绒娃娃、不再发光的水晶球等,每次丢弃时我都问自己,它真正让你心动吗,未来你还会经常想起它并触摸它吗。我不用担心,因为真正难忘的回忆,就算把纪念品丢了,也绝对不会忘记的。进一步来说,为了今后的人生,把忘了也无所谓的往事赶快忘掉,不是更好吗?我们都活在现在。不管过去多么闪耀辉煌,人都无法回到过去,当下的心动才是更重要的事情。至于照片,我把所有照片集中在一起,只留下让我'难忘的''一看就激动不已'的照片,我发现,每次的旅程最多只需要留下一张照片就足矣。甚至,很多旅程'忘掉也没有关系',因为与其收藏回忆,不如爱惜现在的自己。



第六篇、flipped 怦然心动 书评读后感读书小报


高二一班 夏嘉慧


This is a story about the love at first sight which happened between a girl and a boy in 1960’s America.



characters are July Baker and Bryce Losik.

《Flipped》 is a story of youth. In our youth, love is everywhere. Our parents love us, we also love them. And friendship has love as well. This story tells about the love of youth.

It’s a story showed from the perspective of two people watching the same issue. A little girl Juli and a little boy Bryce met at their second grade. Juli fell in love with her newly moved neighbor because of his dazzling

eyes. But Bryce was always mad at Julie because of her bored broadcast about every morning’s school bus, her family’s yard was



in a mess and her ugly sycamore tree.

Then Julie realized that Bryce wasn’t the kind of person who is more than the sum of his parts. However, Bryce gradually began to find the merits of Julie, such as kindness, self-awareness, pureness. Bryce flipped and began to make Julie change her mind. Bryce wanted to do something to cheer Julie up. And he decided to plant a sycamore

tree around her home. Julie was shocked when she saw what Bryce planted is a sycamore tree, she understood everything and finally forgave Bryce.怦然心动感想

At the end of the story, they fell in love with each.


1. Bryce Loski

Bryce Loski is the boy who lives next to Julie. He has been chasing after by Julie since they first met.

Bryce was very popular in his grade and many girls like him. He is very handsome, but every once when he get along with Julie, he is at a loss. In many situations, he is just a little boy hesitating in his life and keep trying to find a way out while growing. Every Bryce’s behavior reflects the real mental of a 14-year-old boy.

2. Julie Baker怦然心动感想

Julie Baker devoutly believes in three things: the sanctity of sycamore, the wholesomeness of the eggs she collects from her backyard flock of chickens,

and that someday she will kiss Bryce Loski. Ever since she saw Bryce's baby blues back in second grade, Julie has been smitten. Unfortunately,

Bryce has never felt the same. Frankly, he thinks Julie Baker is a little


weird--after all, what kind of freak raises chickens and sits in trees for fun? Then, in eighth grade, everything changes. Bryce begins to see that Julie's unusual interests and pride in her family are, well, kind of cool. And Julie starts to think that maybe Bryce's brilliant blue eyes are as empty as the rest of Bryce seems to be. After all, what kind of jerk doesn't care about other people's feelings about chickens and trees?

Little Julie has many virtues which impress me. First, she adhered to

herself. She loved the sycamore tree in their block. Because she could sit at the braches for hours and amazed by the view. When someone wanted to cut the sycamore tree down, she sat there bravely to protect it. She didn’t care about others’ incomprehension and ridicule. Second, she showed sympathy for the weak. She loved her uncle, although he had a severe handicap. And she bid for the Basket boy number 8 at Mayfield Boosters Club Action because no one bid for the boy. Last but not least, she had a strong feeling of self-respect on her own. She had the ability to

rationally judge whether Bryce is worth to love.







丢弃成功,第二步便是整理收纳。只留下你怦然心动的东西,其他统统丢弃,整理时就要有选择,为了留下真正该珍惜的东西 ,就必须把已经完成任务不再让你心动的东西丢掉。该丢弃的都丢弃了,接下来就是收纳。很佩服作者对待物品的温柔,她把每件物品看成是有生命力的活物。折衣服,不单单只是为了收纳而把衣服折小的作业,而是慰劳总是支持自己的衣服,向它们表达爱意的行为。 因此,折衣服时应该要边折边心存感激地对它们说:「谢谢你总是守护着我。」当你洗完衣服之后,透过折叠的过程,可以确实地触摸到衣服,还可以注意到「啊!这里的缝线掉了」或「这件衣服也差不多不能再穿了啊!」之类的细节。折衣服,换句话说就是和衣服的对话。 与其说是和衣服的对话,不如说也是对自己本身的省视。书中还写了很多类似的”谢谢“致辞,对每天身处其中的房子说谢谢你的支持、对陪伴自己的钥匙包包说辛苦了。很像一种仪式。其实衍生开来,就是对这世上与自己息息相关的一切都存有感恩和悲悯的心吧。




《怦然心动的整理魔法》读后感 财务部 35035688 毛静静












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